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CLogic Defense (CLogic) is an innovative company that has taken on the toughest challenges of our military customers. We have a passion and a reputation for tackling hard technical problems and for developing smart, effective solutions to bring next generation military critical products and support systems to the soldier. Creativity, entrepreneurial culture, speed, and leaders with a staff rich in military technology experience results in innovative solutions of products and systems that exceed expectations.

CLogic Defense develops and fields new products in less time than others through the use of experienced engineering resources, the introduction of new technology, and the integration of efficient manufacturing technologies. We enable our customers to accomplish goals that they did not think were achievable due to cost, internal, schedule, or technical challenges.

How CLogic Defense brings you value...

CLogic Defense

We understand that your goal is to develop and field military products that solve real issues and to do it in a time constrained environment. Let CLogic Defense join your team to deliver results that you did not think were possible!

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